Rasoi Punjab Di

Rasoi-Punjab-Di (RPD) food van is our "Swaad di Gaddi", that is our vehicle equipped to cook and add the Feel & Flavor of the Home-made Food. Yes, you have Tasted all! Now try the most credible plethora of Punjabi – Chinese – South Indian cuisines & delicacies offered by Rasoi-Punjab-Di. The open kitchen which is a center point of our ‘Swaad – Di – Gaddi’ gives the Essence of Punjab and gives a feeling of enjoying the ‘Swaad of delightful Food ’. We serve mouthwatering dishes to our customers, which they certainly relish. RPD aims at providing its USP, which is in variety of Punjabi food dishes to make your visit a memorable Food experience. To satisfy your tastebursters is our priority. With the demand of Indian cuisine, RPD menu offers a combination of traditional dishes like Chhole Bhature, Rajma Chaawal & South-indian to trendy dishes like Chinese & Momos. We also present our RPD Specials that will surely grab a lot of attention & craze among youngsters.